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To navigate the complex decisions involved in today’s real estate market requires the guidance of an experienced professional.  Jill Carrigan is a Platinum Circle Member, awarded to the top producing agents of the Grubb Company.

Jill Carrigan recognizes that the process of buying and selling a home is a very personal matter, not just a business transaction. She possesses an unwavering commitment to achieving her client’s objectives. Jill is a positive presence throughout a frequently emotional process. With a keen ability to intelligently strategize, she presents solutions and guidance in adverse situations even under the most difficult of circumstances.
Jill’s knowledge of the East Bay, her experience as a fine home specialist combined with her history of listing vacant land, makes her approachable to all types of clients, from first-time buyers, to clientele seeking the high end luxury market.

“I help clients make informed and intelligent real estate investments”, Jill says, “keeping their best interests in mind and fully understanding their personal lifestyle and future goals. I strive to provide clients with all the information necessary to help them make prudent real estate investment decisions throughout the changing market cycles. My number one objective is to be an advocate for my clients. I make it my top priority to listen, educate, and advise.”

A native of Canada, Jill was raised in Winnipeg Manitoba, Jill has studied interior design at UCLA, and has been a Realtor in the East Bay for 15 years. . Her success is attributed to her honest approach, wealth of industry knowledge, and stellar negotiation skills.  Having an intimate knowledge of the East Bay real estate marketplace and using that knowledge to provide the very best service through exceptionally hard work in every transaction has reaped a client base that is largely repeat clients and referrals.


“I recently bought my first home. I’m a thirty-year old single woman and I am officially a home owner. It was not an easy accomplishment. I worked very hard to save the money for the down payment. I struggled with the realization of high home prices in the Bay Area. I doubted the potential of finding anything worth buying. I succeeded in my goal of buying a home largely in part to my realtor, Jill Carrigan. Jill was absolutely wonderful. She was very professional, personable, and knowledgeable.Going into the process I knew very little about the real estate market. Jill schooled me in all the terminology. She gave me written materials for reference, almost like homework. In the end, I felt well versed in the lingo. I felt like I was able to make a more informed decision because I knewwhat each situation meant. And if I wasn’t sure what everything entailed Jill always encouraged me to ask as many times as I needed to ask. Sometimes she could just read by my response, or lack of response, that I didn’t understand. She made sure I was perfectly clear on what was going on in every situation. She always asked me twice before proceeding favorably or not, and even if we were just waiting for a response of any kind. Jill went so far as to keep in correspondence with me while she was dealing with a familytragedy.I was never out of the loop.On top of her professionalism, I felt that Jill really took the time to get to know me. She seemed genuinely interested in my life and well-being. She shared stories of buying her first home and I felt comforted by the fact that she could really relate to my situation. She got to know what I wanted in a home and never let me feel rushed or persuaded. In meeting with Jill, it felt like discussing ideas with a trusted friend.I wouldn’t say that this process of buying a home was completely stress-free,or even slightly easy, but I would say that I was pleasantly surprised at how good I felt when everything was said and done. I felt like it was a smooth transaction for all parties involved.”

A few days after I moved in, I got a card in the mail from the seller of the house welcoming me to my new home. It all felt like a good thing, and I owe a great deal of thanks to Jill."    - Stephanie B.

“Thank you for being the perfect agent to take Randy and me through the whirlwind process of listing and showing my brother’s house to my accepting such an overwhelming attractive purchase offer. You’re a dream to work with – excellent expertise and professionalism, terrific efficiency, and with a most gracious manner. If a prospective client wishes a reference, please let me know. I highly recommend Jill Carrigan to be your Number One choice as realtor either for “buyer” or “seller” representation. For me, as my top notch agent to sell my house, Jill was a delight to work with throughout the entire process, from “listing” to “sale”. I was extremely impressed with her professional expertise, knowledge of the house arena, excellent suggestions in the many areas needed for my decision making, and her acute attention to all the many details that were necessary to complete this transaction. My entire experience was much easier than I ever imagined and it was such a pleasure to be Jill’s client! - Nancy C.

“My girlfriend Eva and I were browsing around for our dream home on the Internet for nearly two years. Most properties we visited on Sunday open house were either in the millions, overpriced, or needed a lot of repairs. Besides having a close family friend acting as our part time agent and guide, we really didn’t have anyone working for us.

Our story begins with a typical Sunday open house. The first two open houses we visited, the asking prices were ridiculously in the millions. The agent from the first open house spoke minimal words. Despite dressing like a semi-true professional, we left without a handshake, a goodbye, or a faked smile. No eye contact. The agent from the second open house was no different than the first except she was a bit older and an exceptional dresser. After taking a quick glance at us, she resumed her cell phone conversation. We got the same “royal treatment”, to say the least.

In my past experience, I must say some of the real estate agents have a very keen sense of smell. They can easily sniff out a potential buyer from miles away. Ironically, Eva and I were not offended by such encounters anymore. She and I understand its logic and their subtle body language – come see me when you are good and ready. My time is valuable. Surely, if we have a million to spend we would have gotten the real royal treatment. The third and fourth open houses we visited, both properties were much cheaper and less attractive, and the agents were much nicer and more personable.

As the day of our house hunting came to an end, Eva and I accidentally stumbled onto another multimillion dollar property located on Sheridan Road in the Broadway Terrace neighborhood. Instead of the treatment we anticipated, to our surprise, we got a warm welcome from Ms. Jill Carrigan, the seller’s agent. Not only was she courteous and cordial, she made us feel at ease during the tour of this magnificent home. Most importantly, Ms. Carrigan did not look down on us or judge us by our casual appearance. Despite that we told her at the very beginning that the property was out of our league, she continued to be very helpful towards answering all our questions as to what to look for when buying a home. I must also say Eva and I did enjoy every bit of our conversation with her. Never once did Ms. Carrigan try to impose herself on us to be our agent. Her professional demeanor spoke volumes and we were quite impressed by her real estate knowledge of the area. Over all, the visit to 16 Sheridan Road was quite pleasurable – like a visit to a local art museum. From the first moment we met Ms. Carrigan, we knew she was different from the rest. I too have a keen sense of smell. I too can sniff out a great agent from the mist. Although Eva and I did not find our dream house that Sunday, we have found something even more precious – we found a loyal and responsible agent, our guardian angel and a true friend all in one. That person is Ms. Jill Carrigan.

I hope I did not bore anyone with this lengthy piece of writing. I feel it would be unfair to the readers if I summarize my experience with Jill in a couple of paragraphs. However, if I have to summarize the true character of Jill, this is what I would have to say about her:

~ First and foremost, Jill would go out of her way to fulfill her obligations to her clients (Eva and I). In less than two months time, she was able to find us our dream home. We are now the proud owners of a home in the Skyline Circle community here in North Oakland.

~ Jill knows her duties of responsibility. She put us first before herself. She’s honest and sincere.

~ Jill works overtime to reduce the stress of her clients during the process of buying a home, from start to finish. She understands the needs of her clients.

~ Jill is a very excellent communicator and is informative. She establishes a strong bond with her clients (us) from the very start. She constantly asked for our feedback and assurance that she is on the right track of our expectations. She educated us with all the important details in getting a home and guided us throughout the whole process. She communicates well with the seller’s agent. Having a good rapport with the seller’s agent benefits the buyer at the time of price negotiation.

~ In my opinion, Jill is a top notch agent in the area of her expertise; she is very knowledgeable in her field. She knows the true value of the property in the market.

~ To my surprise, Jill can detect property with hidden repairs. In one occasion, she identified a strange odor during a walkthrough of a listed property which later turned out to be a water leak. The leak was severe enough to cause major damage to the foundation of the property. More so, Jill can spot potential expensive repairs at a glance through her “x-ray vision”. Such keen eyes put the buyer at a better vantage point when it comes to price negotiation of the property. She “rocks”!

~ Jill is like the Command, Control, and Information Center (CIC) on a Navy ship. She has a wealth of resources under her umbrella when it comes to searching for loan agents, mortgage brokers or lenders, home inspectors, major or minor home repairs, contractors, referrals of great needs, electricians, floor restoration people, roofers, (auto mechanics and daycare nannies – I made those two up),just to name a few. With a touch on her iphone, she becomes “David Copperfield” the magician and she can get whatever info you need from her magic hat. In just a phone call away, your appointment will be set up. After our home inspection, she prioritized and orchestrated what takes precedence in a systematic way. Her planning and action expedited the closing of the Escrow. Jill takes her job very seriously. She reprimanded our loan agent from B of A for being too pushy and pressuring us into closing the deal when we were not good and ready.

~ Jill is an excellent negotiator. She negotiated with the seller’s agent back and forth so we could get the best offer, despite taking a lesser commission. Because of her skill, Jill was able to put a total savings of $59,000 back into our pockets during the final purchase of our home. There is no doubt she does the same for all of her clients.

~ Jill is a very caring individual – Client before self. Prior to closing our deal of signing the 30-year commitment, she sincerely advised us not to get a house if it will dramatically downgrade our quality of life. “There will be a house out there waiting for you guys so don’t rush yourself into buying one until you are financially comfortable. Don’t think about wasting my time or losing my commission ‘cause that’s something you don’t even need to worry about!  I want you guys to be happy and not be strapped down by a huge mortgage payment.” Those were the exact words she said to us before we signed away.

If you have followed me and read this far, you can pretty much draw your own conclusion as to the true character of Jill Carrigan. For us, we are just so fortunate and thankful to have Jill! We have gotten our dream home and found a life-long friend." - Chinli M. & Eva P.

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